Election Results -- Kelston

Electorate Number:21 Final:No
Results Counted: 10 of 43 (23.3%)  Votes Counted: 4,877
Less than 6 votes taken in Voting Places:0 Special Votes:939
Leading Candidate:SEPULONI, Carmel (LAB) Majority:970
Parties Candidates
New Zealand First Party 457 DEGIA-PALA, AnneNZF234
ACT New Zealand 51 HAYCOCK, BruceACT46
Green Party 458 IRWIN, RuthGP245
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 9 LYE, JeffALCP25
National Party 1,527 PENK, ChristopherNAT1,552
   SAMI, RoshniIP53
Labour Party 2,078 SEPULONI, CarmelLAB2,522
Conservative 155 SOMMER, PaulCNSP110
United Future 8 WOOLSTON, JasonUFNZ11
Ban1080 3    
Democrats for Social Credit 2    
Focus New Zealand 1    
Internet MANA 79    
Māori Party 12    
NZ Independent Coalition 0    
The Civilian Party 2    
Party Informals35 Candidate Informals 79
TOTAL 4,877 TOTAL  4,877
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Updated 7:41 pm on 20/09/2014

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